Saturday, the 17th of August marks the 6th edition of Music Fest Tromsø and we’d love for all artists and bands to join us in celebration!

Music Fest Tromsø is a non-profit event with live music in areas located around Tromsø city center. It’s free for the public and bands and artists play free of charge – which in turn creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the city. 

Practical info for participating bands/artists:

  • Each concert lasts 20 minutes.

  • Attach your technical rider when you sign up.

  • The text you write in the info field will be published in the program and on the web. The same applies to images you upload.

  • As of today, there are 9 different scenes situated around different locations in the city center. They are each equipped with standard technical equipment and a professional technical crew for the production of the concerts. Each scene also has a production manager, which is the link between artists/bands and technical crew.

  • Performers must comply with the technical equipment available on their designated scenes.

  • You can request to play in more that 1 concert in the daytime, and we’ll make sure that your concerts will not collide in the programming schedule.

  • In some of the city’s venues, there is Music Festival Night that begins around 8 pm and you can choose if you would also like to participate. This will also be free of charge.

Registration deadline is july15 . We do not program any of the scenes before then and therefore cannot answer where and when to play untill after July 20.

Anyone who is registered will receive an email with all the necessary practical information in good time before Music Fest Tromsø.

If you have further questions that you cannot find answer to on the website or in the registration form, send email to:

Technical questions: sivert@musikkfesttromso.no

Other questions: katja@musikkfesttromso.no


The project is owned by Tromsø municipality and jointly organized by Tvibit.